Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sponsor For Me?
Sponsor For Me's mission is simple: to bring people together in a way that benefits all parties involved. What benefits you are seeking is of course up to you. Whether you're looking for a traditional sugar baby / sugar daddy type relationship, or something completely different, with our skyrocketing number of members, you're bound to make the right connections.

Who can be a SPONSOR?
Sponsors are generous hard working men who are interested in finding someone to share their good fortune with in person. Some may be affluent, others may be more "middle-class" but all of them share one important characteristic: they want to spoil a new sweetheart and that girl could definitely be you! Forget about the old "Sugar Daddy" term. You do not need to be old or a multi-millionaire to enjoy the benefits of being a sponsor.

Who can be a SPONSEE?
If you are at least 18 years of age, have bills to pay or are seeking to live a more extravagant lifestyle with an interesting companion, you can be a sponsee - create your own free gold account and kick-start your new life NOW.

Is the Free Gold Membership absolutely free?
Yes - if you are female. As a Free Gold Sponsor For Me Girl your account is absolutely free. Girls can Send, Read and Reply to messages from any member. You can also create Blogs, Promote Your Profiles, Initiate Chats, Add Personal Wishlist Links, Accept Direct Private Donations, and so much more.

How can it really be free for girls to join?
Like everything else about, ladies are treated to all kinds of benefits by generous gentlemen who fund their own Gold accounts to gain the option of contacting charming girls online. The cover charge for gentlemen also helps us keep our community strong because any man who can't afford our low membership fee wouldn't be able to properly sponsor a Gold Girl anyway.

What kind of dating arrangements are allowed on Sponsor For Me? is legally prohibited from allowing members to offer money in exchange for sex. does not control the private communications of members off site after you meet. Any communications on the site related to the exchange of sex for money will result in cancellation of membership and a ban from the website. To make this clear: Any type of solicitation for prostitution is strictly prohibited.
We do not allow nude photos, to keep the site tasteful and suspenseful for everyone. All members must be at least 18 years or older. Any photos you upload must not depict any minors (children). Any kind of harassment or "cyber stalking" is prohibited. Commercial solicitations (spam) are prohibited. By using Sponsor For you agree to be bound by our terms of use and our privacy policy.

Is there some kind of profile approval process?
It's all very simple. Create your own free profile, click to join and then verify your email address. Please be sure to check all of your email folders if you don't see our verification email in your Inbox. After you verify your email address your profile will be reviewed by Sponsor For Me Administrators. All profiles must follow the guidelines as set forth in the terms of use, including but not limited to: A photo of yourself without any nudity, minors, text, celebrities or cartoons. Bio information about you, who you are looking for and what you are able to offer. Typing garbled text like "asdfgh" is or "I just want sex" as a profile entry will not get you approved. Site Administrators reserve the right to reject any application for any reason in order to maintain the high standards of all members. Please read our Terms page or contact us any time to discuss your profile.

Is Sponsor For Me a dating whitelabel?
No! Sponsor For Me is a real dating site with a unique community of members. A white label is something else entirely. As you may have noticed, many other dating domains are actually just front pages pointing you to the exact same recycled community of members. We are strongly against White Labeling and believe our members are smart enough to see the real value we provide for all of our Free Gold Members and Sponsors. With Sponsor For Me you don't need to 'Get Lucky' because Luck has little to do with your success. Our dating tools and charming community are here to help you find exactly the sort of arrangement you seek.

What rules are there for Photos I upload?
Your main profile photo must be of you and ONLY of you. Photos may not contain nudity, may not depict minors, celebrities, random objects, graphics, text, or cartoons, and may not contain personal contact information. Photos must reasonably depict a true image of you. The only exceptions are corporate sponsors and SFM moderator accounts, who are allowed to use logos or icons as their main profile photo. Everyone else - please use a REAL photo of you and ONLY of you. Photos you upload are subject to approval and may be rejected, reassigned, or deleted if we feel any of these rules are broken.

Can I upload a picture of me with my face blurred?
Yes. But remember that clear face pictures usually get a much higher response rate.

What else should I know about Sponsor For Me? is often abbreviated SFM by members and admins. SFM is more flexible than most other sugar daddy-type dating sites. Some sponsees will be happy to come to a physical, face-to-face arrangement, some will not. Some sponsors are rich, some are of average means.

At Sponsor For Me we realize that one does not have to be a millionaire in order to have a rewarding arrangement with a sponsee, and sponsees do not have to be experienced "sugar babies" in order to be successful.

Because of the wide range of possible arrangements, always be sure to clearly communicate what you are willing to offer or what you are looking for. Honesty is the cornerstone to any successful arrangement.
You can purchase credits to send virtual gifts to other members (for example, a Sponsor may want to send virtual gifts to Sponsees to show he has resources and is not afraid to share them with her). You do not use credits for sending or reading messages. Only the Gold Membership lets you do that. Forget the whole credits thing if it's confusing, or ask our Moderators or Admins.

Never send money to someone unless you know that person.

Never send money to foreign destinations or persons at any time for any reason. Requests for money from foreign locations is a very common scam perpetrated for many years on dating and social networking sites.We try to combat scammers and fake profiles but we need YOUR help - please report any suspicious activity.

Use common sense at all times. SFM is a tool that attempts to connect like-minded men and women. We don't conduct background checks and we cannot verify a person's true identity so you need to make sure that the person you communicate with is who he or she says they are.